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What we do


ICE blue delivers Innovation, Collaboration and Engagement on plastics, flood, water quality and wider environment and business challenges.   We work with clients to help them think differently, to improve their ideas or generate new ones, and then to deliver compelling proposals, funding bids and successful projects.   We are the perfect partner to bring together business challenges with research opportunities, and to develop funding bids which support long term collaborations. For every £1 our clients have spent with us on bid writing, we have won them over £70 in funding. This has led us to work with a range of universities, big businesses and the public sector on some of the world’s most critical problems, providing our customers with innovative and collaborative solutions that have the ICE blue edge.   Our recent projects include a Science and Innovation Audit on Sustainable Airports, focussed around Heathrow, a Global Challenges Research Fund collaboration and funding bid on Plastics in Society, and establishing the UK Centre for Flood Risk and Resilience.    Background Info: World’s most critical problems


We use creative thinking and problem solving techniques to help clients innovate and stand out from the crowd. We work with senior leadership teams from organisations – bringing the Board and operational leadership together to focus on vision, strategic goals and programme delivery – to mixed, cross-sector groups of people drawn together for our clients.

We offer the following services:

  • Problem solving and scanning for opportunities
  • Planning and delivery of internal innovation activities to translate ideas or research into solutions especially ‘piloting’ with a ‘build, measure learn’ mindset
  • Developing Creative Leadership skills and the ability to support others creativity, even when it feels uncomfortable
  • Business case and bid development, having successful experience with Innovate UK, Horizon 2020, UK Research Councils, public and private sector procurement


Collaboration is now one of the most critical factors in driving innovation and most of our work involves collaboration between two or more partners.  We promote and support increased collaboration by understanding the clients’ objectives and requirements, identifying new collaborators, building new partnerships and developing shared plans.

Collaboration portfolio includes

  • Identifying partners for clients, based on profile, networks and business strategies
  • Connecting with, and facilitating, introductions between new partners, and initial ‘non-disclosure’ agreements
  • planning and facilitation of partner workshops and events, and
  • developing and running collaboration activities, including online environments for collaboration and innovation and managing collaborative programmes and projects.


Many of our projects are ‘outward focused’, with businesses and citizens as stakeholders. Working with our diverse range of clients to carry out stakeholder analysis then develop stakeholder engagement strategies and plans. In addition to this Ice Blue organize workshops, seminars, kick-off events as well as field-trips worldwide.

Engagement portfolio includes:

  • Organisation of events, including venue and catering
  • On-site Event Management and Workshop facilitation
  • Pre and post-event Communication and Reports
  • Social Media exploitation and monitoring
  • Delivering legacy and impact from your work through engagement and education

Our offers are flexible and customer orientated.

We can adapt our services to each circumstance, topic and location.

Who we are


ICE Blue is a strategic business partnership between Environmental Sustainability Associates Ltd and ALP Synergy Ltd. We have more than 30 years experience of bringing together science, innovation, facilitation and business development skills to deliver the best business outcomes for our customers.

Ant Parsons


Ant works with our clients to help them think differently from their competitors and improve their ideas or generate new ones. He builds compelling funding bids and creates innovative implementation plans.


Ant has started and run four very different SME businesses (all still operating successfully) and managed multi million pound business units and sites within the public sector, giving a breadth of expertise which proves very beneficial for our clients. Ant is the Managing Director of ALP Synergy Ltd. Ant is currently leading exploitation for the INTCATCH Horizon 2020 project, Prior to establishing ALP Synergy Ltd and ICE Blue, Ant worked for the Environment Agency (England) for over 20 years in a broad range of roles from frontline environmental improvement and regulation through to delivering multi-million pound organisational change.


Geoff Brighty


Geoff delivers sustainability leadership support, advice and guidance to clients across the private, public, academic and third sectors.


He has a technical background in chemicals and ecotoxicology, environmental regulation and flood risk from over 25 years working for Environment Agency and predecessor organisations, leading delivery of environmental protection, science and business sustainability outcomes at regional to international scales. An experienced senior executive manager with a significant track record in leadership of people, capital and revenue programmes, Geoff works with clients from senior leadership to Board level on their operational and strategic challenges. He is an experienced facilitator, leading workshops and events for clients as well as delivering business planning and stakeholder engagement support. Geoff is Managing Director of Environmental Sustainability Associates Ltd. He has developed innovative funding bids and business plans including a successful £3m public sector contract bid in 2016 and is the work package lead for Strategic Monitoring in the INTCATCH Horizon 2020 project.  He is also a Board member of The Rivers Trust and advises the NGO Plastic Oceans on Science and Policy.


Lesley Parsons

Associate Director

Lesley leads on our programme and project management and has recently been leading projects on environmental monitoring and environmental reporting.


Lesley has extensive public sector experience of leading business planning and performance, driving change on strategy, policy and frontline regulation. She has actively managed the business planning, performance and change activities of a £100m / 1,800 people business over a period of 4 years. Lesley has directly managed teams of up to 12 staff, and as a Programme Manager she has led delivery through 30 service managers. Lesley also owns a high street retail business employing 8 staff.



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ICE Blue is resourceful and innovative. We build our teams around our clients needs and have extensive international networks of talented and capable individuals and organisations.

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